Installing Subclipse on Ubuntu 16.04 & Eclipse 4.10

If you have followed these instructions, you should have a working version of Eclipse now.

While Git is used in a majority of projects, some still use Subversion (SVN). Subclipse, an Eclipse plugin, lets you work with SVN. This is about installing Subclipse and the necessary libraries for Ubuntu 16.04.

Install and Configure Subclipse Plugin

Open Eclipse. Click on Help -> Install Software. Click on Add. Enter the name as “Subclipse – Latest” and the URL as

Select everything and click Next, Next, Accept the License agreement and click Finish. If you get any warning about untrusted certificates, accept them.

Once installation is complete, it will prompt you to restart. Do so. Then close Eclipse.

You will need the Java language binding for SVN. This is provided by JavaHL library. So, let us install that by running the following command from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

Now, we need to tell Eclipse where to find this. So, open the eclipse.ini directly under the home directory of your Eclipse installation. Immediately after the line -vmargs, add the following line:


Test and Confirm that Subclipse is Working

Open Eclipse again. Right click under the empty area of Package Explorer on the left side and select Import. Select SVN -> Checkout Projects from SVN. Click Next. Choose “Create a new repository location” and click Next. Under Location, enter the following URL and click Next:

We are checking out some of the source code from Alfresco to test that our installation is working. We do not need all of it to test. So, when the next screen comes up, expand root and select web-client project. Click Next.

Select Checkout as a project in the workspace, enter name as “alfresco-web-client” and click Next. Click Finish.

You will see a lot of files being checked out, in the console. At the end of it, you should see a new project “alfresco-web-client” on the left side. Expand it and make sure you can see the files.


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